Recipient, 2020, Mission & Values Award. Every year one instructor at the Jack Welch Management Institute is chosen who champions the values and behaviors of JWMI and who inspire each student to do his or her very best. Instructors are evaluated based on scorecards that factor in various behaviors as outlined in the Faculty Charter, in addition, student NPS scores. The top 20% of instructors for the year were nominated within each category. The leadership team then reviews those instructors and evaluates for consistency during each term and Jack Welch’s famous tool for talent evaluation, the 4Es and a P of leadership.  Then, one instructor is chosen for this award.

Recipient, 2019, High Achiever Award. This award presented by the Dean of School of Business at Florida State College at Jacksonville recognizes a faculty member who made significant contributions leading to the positive impact and advancement of the School of Business.

Recipient, 2018, Distinguished Faculty Award. This award by Florida State College of Jacksonville recognizes the selected faculty member’s ability to communicate effectively with students; to plan, prepare and deliver effective classroom presentations; and to establish and maintain a positive rapport with students within the educational environment. Additionally, the recipient is recognized for their response to institutional needs, including problem solving, institutional development and the demonstration of an exceptional ability to adapt positively to unit, institutional change, and involvement in using innovative design and delivery of course materials beyond the normal expectation of faculty at FSCJ.

Recipient, 2017, Teaching Excellence Award. This award by the Jack Welch Management Institute  recognizes excellence in training and instruction for business training programs.  Selected out of 102 trainers.

Recipient, 2016, ACBSP Teaching Excellence Award, Region 3. This award by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP) recognizes the significance of the classroom teacher to the mission of degree-granting institutions.The Teaching Excellence Award also recognizes diverse individuals who exemplify excellence in teaching.

Recipient, 2016, Excellence in Research Award.  This award was granted by The Clute Institute, in recognition of exceptional research efforts for the manuscript titled “Defining Sustainability in the Business Setting”, published in the Journal of Sustainability Management.

Recipient, 2015, John & Suanne Roueche Excellence Award. This award is granted by the League for Innovation, a consortium of over 800 colleges and universities worldwide, to recognize outstanding contributions to teaching, leadership, and learning.

Recipient, 2015, Roland S. Kennedy Endowed Chair for Excellence in Instruction Supporting Business Education.  This award recognizes a faculty member who does an outstanding job in ensuring the success of students seeking advancement in a business related area.  The actions of this faculty member clearly relate to student learning outcomes and the enhancement of business related programs.