Quantitative Methods using Microsoft Excel

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By Dr. Justin Bateh
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Course Content

Introduction, Defining and Collecting Data Notes PowerPoint
Visualizing Data Notes PowerPoint
Descriptive Statistics Notes PowerPoint
Basic Probabilities Notes PowerPoint
Binomial Distribution (Discrete) Notes PowerPoint
Normal Distribution (Continuous) Notes PowerPoint
Confidence Intervals / Sample Sizes Notes PowerPoint
Introduction to Hypothesis Testing Notes PowerPoint
One and Two Sample Hypothesis Testing Notes PowerPoint
Analysis of Variance Notes PowerPoint
Correlation and Regression Notes PowerPoint
Chi Square Test for Independence Notes  

Practice Problems

T-Test Bank Problem Problem Solution
T-Test Blood Samples Problem Problem Solution
T-Test Class Type Difference Solution Problem Solution
T-Test Phone Problem Solution Problem Solution
Confidence Interval Problem Problem Solution
Simple Regression Pet Food problem Problem Solution
Simple Regression Pizza problem Problem Solution
Simple Regression Potter Movies problem Problem Solution
ANOVA Shift Changes Problem Solution

Statistics Video Demonstrations in Excel

These videos are all posted on YouTube and in the public domain and are presented here to provide demonstration to topics covered inside and outside of this course as a supplemental to my lecture notes and screenshots. If, during your tenure in this course, you find other videos that may be helpful in addition to or in place of these, please feel free to share them with me as I will consider adding them to the video bank for future students. Thank you – Dr. Bateh

Other Resources

Excel Template Files

These files are designed to help you complete problems. You cannot download and save them, but must download them each time from this site and use them directly here due to copyright restrictions. When you open them you will be asked for a password. Leave it blank and click “Read Only”. Then the files should work. You may need to click “Enable Editing” as well.