Dr. Justin Bateh

As an award-winning educator, I believe education and training should teach students how to actually create products and perform services that are of value, rather than merely recite knowledge. Whenever I develop or teach a course, whether it is for undergraduate, graduate, certification, or professional development credit, both content and assessment are grounded in practical application to the workplace.

I believe that students should be able to analyze actual problems, assess alternatives, evaluate quality and in performance, and execute effective and innovative strategies. Through a mixture of problem-based, project-based, competency-based, and research-based approaches to learning and development, I am able to design and deliver instructional content that helps students and organizations achieve desired learning and performance outcomes.

My consulting areas of subject-matter expertise (SME) include Operations Management; Supply Chain Management; Six Sigma; Quality Management; Project Management; Process Design and Improvement; Management; Leadership; Research Design, Survey Design, and Statistics.

As an award-winning researcher, I have written numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and co-authored a college textbook. My work has been cited over 125 times by other scholars and publications.

My academic credentials include a Doctorate in Business Administration and Leadership, an MS in Operations Management, an MBA in Management, a Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics, and I am a Certified Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt.

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Research & Publications

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Dr. Bateh serves as a trusted adviser to businesses and non-profits....

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