As a researcher interested in business strategies and management, Dr. Bateh has numerous papers published in peer-reviewed scholarly journals on management and business.  His research, focusing on both scholarly advancement and practical management implications, addresses multi-faceted aspects of business operations, often highlighting the nuanced managerial decisions of organizations, for the purpose of applying evidence based practices to improve outcomes.

Contributing at the intersection of sustainability and quality, he is interested in how business strategies can be adjusted and accommodated to ultimately achieve desired benefits, including longevity for all organizations and profitability for businesses, but also employee and customer satisfaction as factors in these desired outcomes.

He has made a significant and coherent contribution to the literature on business strategies and management.  In particular, the impact he’s had within the discipline is highlighted by the recognition of his work in subsequent peer-reviewed publications in the field.  Since 2013, he has been cited by over 187 publications across management, leadership, operations, supply chain, and higher education.  Moreover, he has an h-index of six (six publications with more than six citations) and an i10 Index of five (five publications with more than ten citations).


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