Operations Management

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By Dr. Justin Bateh
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Week 1: Ch 1. Operations and Productivity / Ch. 2 OM Strategy in a Global Environment
Lectures: Operations & Productivity / OM Strategy in a Global Environment
Productivity Solved Problem
Risk Factor Rating Solved Problem
Why Study Operations and Supply Chain Management?
10 Strategic OM Decisions
CSX Article 1
CSX Article 2
Giant Tiger
Operations Management: Flow, Quality, and Patient Safety
McDonald’s Puts Fresh Beef on the Menu – WSJ
What Tech Employees Want – WSJ
UPS’s $20 Billion Problem_ Operations Stuck in the 20th Century – WSJ

Week 2: Ch. 3 Project Management / Ch. 4 Forecasting
Lecture: Project Management Part 1
Lecture: Project Management Part 2
Critical Path and Estimated Time Demo
Lecture: Forecasting and Demand Management
Moving Averages Solved Problem Demo
Moving averages solved problem document
Additional Practice Problems
Forecasting: The Secret To Controlling Your Business
How To Forecast Demand The Right Way
Waterfront Operations Takes Critical Path
Quick notes on forecasting
Quick notes on project management
Operational Planning Process

Week 3: Ch 5. Quality Management / Ch 6. Design of Goods and Services
Lecture: Quality Management, Lean, and Six Sigma
Quality at the Ritz-Carlton
Classic Lean Video
Resources for Lean management
How Nationwide Is Transforming IT Operations With Lean and Agile
Using Lean Six Sigma for Innovation
Lecture: Design of Goods and Services Part 1
Lecture: Design of Goods and Services Part 2
Quick Notes on Design of Products and Services
Quick Notes on Six Sigma

Week 4: Ch.7 Process Strategy / Chapter 8 Location Strategies / Chapter 9 Layout Strategies / Ch 10. Job Design
Lecture: Layout strategies
Layout Strategies Solved Problem
Open office article #1
Open office article #2
Open office article #3
Quick Notes on Process Strategy
Quick Notes on Location and Outsourcing
Lecture: HR Strategy and Job Design
Why Germans Work Fewer Hours but are More Productive?
Sweden’s 6 hour work day
5 Hour Workday in the US
6 Hour Workday in Europe – can it work in the US?
Job Design – Time Magazine – 2017 – Helping Workers Switch Off
Misc. Articles on Work Day Structure
Job Design Activity

Week 5: Ch. 11 Supply Chain Management / Ch. 12 Inventory Management
Lecture: Supply Chain Management
Measuring Supply Chain Performance
Lecture: Inventory Management
Inventory Management Solved Problems
Quick Notes on Inventory and Supply Chain|
Dillard’s (inventory)
McDonald’s (supply chain)
Zara (supply chain)
H&M (supply chain)
Disrupting Inventory

Week 6: Ch. 14 Materials Requirement Planning / Ch. 16 Lean Operations
Quick Notes on Lean
Quick Notes on Materials Requirement Planning

Week 7: Final Exam

****Additional Articles, Readings, and Resources for Various Operations Topics****